Leadership Recognition

“Leadership in the OCDSB is the demonstration of personal initiative to achieve a positive outcome.”


The students at Meadowlands take on many leadership roles. They provide valued input regarding many aspects of daily school life. Our Junior students are positive role models for younger students when they help to maintain order as Lunch Monitors, organize whole school events such as fundraising events and activities, and when Kindergarten Helpers safely walk with our youngest students to the school bus at dismissal time. Our competitive school sports teams have also received banners that are proudly displayed in our gymnasium. Student successes and contributions are acknowledged in our classrooms, school announcements, newsletters, and bulletin boards. Occasionally, our students and school are featured in our local community newspapers.


The Meadowlands staff is professionally highly qualified in addition to having a broad range of interests, all of which enhance our school life. Staff members voluntarily assume many leadership roles by organizing and running clubs and activities for our students and staff. They also support their colleagues by representing them at School Council, at Federation, and at District Curriculum Services workshops. Many Meadowlands teachers have provided leadership to those entering the teaching profession by acting as Associate Teachers for student teachers enrolled in a number of different Faculties of Education. Teachers and Educational Assistants are regularly on‐site supervisors for high school and college Co‐op students. New contract teachers are also supported through a formal mentorship program. Recognition comes in many forms; however, the personal interactions at Meadowlands are the most heartfelt.


Meadowlands staff and students benefit from the hours contributed by our faithful volunteers. Our School Council meets monthly and is very dedicated to fulfilling its role. The fund‐raising efforts provide enhancements and extras to our programming needs. Over the years the Council has been very supportive and generous. For example, after several years of fundraising, the Council raised enough to purchase a huge new play structure. Also, as a result of the Council's contribution, this year all students in the school have the opportunity to participate in additional Arts performances. As invaluable partners, we thank our parents, guardians and volunteers on an on‐going basis, and look for opportunities to acknowledge them in our school newsletters and our annual volunteer appreciation breakfast.


Meadowlands P.S. is fortunate to be supported by a number of members of the greater community. Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation has provided summer and winter camping experiences for a number of our children. Meadowlands has recently been a member of the City of Ottawa’s Healthy Active Schools program. With the support of our School Public Health Nurse we shall continue to emphasize the importance of staying physically active and eating nutritious food. We extend our school community into the broader community through student‐resident partnerships with local retirement homes. In addition, each year we create multiple opportunities for community members to come and speak to our students through our character days and conferences. We recognize our community partners through our school newsletters, Principal’s report to School Council, and thank you cards and banners created by students.

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