Fair Snow Play at Meadowlands

Fair Snow Play at Meadowlands
Posted on 12/04/2019

Rule #1: Snow belongs to everyone 

Simply put... snow is frozen water. Water actually belongs to mother nature and the Earth! We as Earthlings get to use and share these precious resources.

Rule #2: Make it!, Don’t break it!

Just like Lego, we like to build but at some point we need to take it apart. We take apart our own Lego, not someone else Lego. Snow is the same. At some point it will be taken apart, but this should be by the person or people who have done the building.

Rule #3: Snowballs are for school-created targets only.

There is one place to throw them, and one place only. The targets near the baseball diamond, not human targets!!

Rule #4: Talk it out!
Communicate for success! Instead of angrily yelling at the person “touching your snow”, you can try speaking to them in a manner that is kind, calm and respectful “excuse me, I was building that snowman this morning, can I continue building it WITH you?”

A BIG IDEA!! The Snow Fort Challenge
Snowfort challenge - if we can connect all the forts together (eventually) we will probably have the biggest schoolyard snow fort in the world. We will take pictures and send it Guiness book of records and see if we can get in.

If someone wants to join your fort and you don’t think there is space, have them add an addition on the side and they can be part of your fort, too (this would also help with the largest snow fort challenge).

Snow belongs to everyone 
(Frozen water - belongs to mother nature!) 

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